Crocodile Tour in Isla Cañas


Crocodile Tour in Isla Cañas is offered daily. After booking, you will receive an email or a Whatsapp message to confirm dates. Our contact information is or +507-6633-0166.



A crocodile tour in Isla Cañas allows you to see these reptiles in their natural environment. Crocodiles help maintain the water quality in mangroves by preying on sick or weak animals which keeps the population healthy. Mangroves provide an excellent feeding environment for baby crocodiles. They also help aerate the soil in mangroves, allowing oxygen to reach the roots of mangroves trees. Isla Cañas is also a great place to do bird watching in Panama.

During your crocodile tour in Isla Cañas you will be able to see this wildlife refuge which is famous because it has 14 kilometers for turtles to lay eggs. Book a turtle tour in Isla Cañas. About 800 people live in Isla Cañas off the coast of Tonosi. This tourism destination has over 1200 hectares of mangroves which include species such as red, white, mariangolo (twisted mangrove), button, piñuelo, salty and black mangrove. The boat will take you around the island, as well as to the point of Bucaro and back to the port of the town of Cañas on the mainland.


• Boat tour
• Captain
• Drink (water or soft drink)
• Snack

Available: year round.

Time: 4 hours.

What to bring? Insect repellent, loose and comfortable clothes, aqua shoes, sunglasses, and camera.

Important information: the crocodile tour in Isla Cañas is a private tour that can take a maximum of six people on the adventure. It is possible to get off in the island up to an hour if desired.


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