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The first time I visited Pedasi was in fourth grade during an excursion. I felt like we would never arrive since it was at the end of the road, quite literally! In high school and college I kept visiting, but there was barely any development. Playa Venao only had one ranch and there were about two or three pensions in Pedasi. Then Panama went through a mayor boom and everything became expensive overnight! This was right after I finished college. I had saved some money working and was looking for a small plot of land in the area that was not in a residential complex because I wanted to have animals. Most wanted to sell huge plots of land for more money I could afford. Luckily I found one hectare in Los Higos for sale. I loved the location because it was very close to town Pedasi. Many dragonflies where flying around me when thinking of what to name the farm, so it became quite obvious: Finca Las Libelulas!

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We will be happy to host you during your stay in Pedasi, Panama.

Ursula Kiener Ford

I work in tourism for over 15 years and I have traveled extensively, over 95 countries.

Martin Gonzalez

Martin is from Pedasi, he is very popular, everybody passes by to great him!
We are a couple, we wanted to stay in a calm and comfortable place between Pedasi and Playa Venao. Ursula's Las Libelulas farm was the perfect choice for us. There are goats, ducks, chickens, cows in the farm too. In the morning we went to see them to say hello 🙂
Leo & Chloe
Febraury, 2022