Only the best make the list.

Wondering what to do? Here are some activities you can do in your vacation


Humpback whales come to our shores every year from June to October to give birth to their calves. Take a whale watching tour to see these beautiful creatures that put on quite a spectacle. It is possible to see other species such as orcas, pilot whales and dolphins.


Pedasi is known as the Tuna Coast of Panama. It is one of the best places for salt water fishing in the world. Fishermen can catch cuber snapper, rooster fish, mahi mahi, wahoo, amberjack, grouper, billfish and more!


Playa Venao is a popular beach break with both left and right waves. Best around mid tide when the tide is falling. Beaches in Pedasi include Playa El Toro (a good bodyboarding spot), Playa Lagarto (a beach break with lefts and rights), and Playa Destiladeros (point and beach breaks). Venture to Guanico, Cambutal, and 4/11 for more surfing spots.


Ride through the Oria river which is about 25 minutes from the town of Pedasi. You will cross the stream and go through tropical jungle. Another option is to ride a horse on the beach in Playa Venao.


Azuero is still an agricultural zone. Most of the sugarcane, rice and corn of Panama is grown here. There are many experiences you can do such as visit a rice cutting “junta”, harvest corn and prepare your tortillas, milk a cow and mill cheese or make sugarcane juice. You can also do a rum tour.


The coast of Azuero is visited by visited by five species of sea turtles: the olive ridley, Pacific green, hawksbill, leatherback, and loggerhead. It is possible to see them nesting at night and to see the turtles hatching a few months later. Several foundations help preserve the turtles which have many predators, including humans.


This part of Azuero is turning into a great wellness destination. There are yoga classes available in Pedasi, Playa Venao and Cambutal. As well as wellness and yoga retreats. Other people do massages, meditation and sound therapy.


Azuero is known as the cradle of folklore of Panama. Most popular festivals include Mil Polleras, Festival de la Mejorana, Carnivals, and Corpus Christi. There are many artisans in the area that make pottery, devil masks, pollera dresses, wood articles and more. Try the local gastronomy in a fonda which is a coloquial restaurant.

There are plenty of attractions in Azuero for you to see


Take a boat 8 kilometers offshore from Arenal beach to reach Isla Iguana Wildlife Refuge. This island is the only white sand beach of the Azuero Peninsula. With over 14 species of coral and 350 types of tropical fishes, this is a great place to snorkel or scuba dive. Iguana Island is inhabited by iguanas, red crabs and over 5000 frigate birds.


Playa Venao attracts people from all over the world to this laid back beach with golden-gray sand. Surfers were the first to discover this place, but it is no longer a secret. There are many hostels, hostels, houses, restaurants and businesses in the area. It is also a party place with beach bars and festivals.


30 minutes past the town of Tonosi you will find Cambutal right before Cerro La Hoya Park. It is one of the only black sand beaches in Panama, surrounded by lush green rolling hills. There are several hotels and restaurants in this surf and fishing destination.


Isla Cañas is mangrove heaven with three different types of mangroves: black, red and white. This island has a 13 kilometer long beach that serves as nesting place for five turtle species including olive ridley, Pacific green, loggerhead, leatherback, and hawksbill. The town of Cañas is a small village that is growing as a dormitory of Playa Venao. It also has a canopy Zipline.


Las Tablas is the capital of Los Santos province. It was founded in 1671 and still conserves many Spanish style colonial houses. This city is still small compared to Chitre. Carnivals in Las Tablas are very famous, as well as the Mil Polleras Festival. It is a good place to spend New Years or other festivals. Make sure to visit Santa Librada, the patron saint.

Are you hungry? Here are some of our restaurant suggestions


Located in Destiladeros, close to the beach access, Terry’s is probably the best gastronomical experience close to Pedasi town. Food is French style with some fusion. Menu includes fresh fish and seafood, salads, pasta and meats. This restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner (schedule changes according to the day of the week). It has an indoor area which has air conditioner and an outdoor terrace with soft lights.


Bohemia Restaurant is located on the main road of Pedasi and it opens daily! It has an Italian menu with pasta dishes, soups, salads, and bread. Pizza menu is extensive with white and red sauce options served on a thin crust. This small place has a warm and welcoming ambiance.


Smiley’s is such a great addition to Pedasi because the town would be even more sleepy without this place. John, the owner, is a musician and you can see him playing and singing on stage. Smiley’s has live music few times per week. It is also a sports bar with an American and Panamanian menu. Good place to have BBQ.


Restaurante Isla Iguana serves Panamanian food with reasonable prices. Owner and staff are local from Pedasi. Their fried red snapper is very famous, served with fried yuca or plantains. They also have ceviche, seafood, fish, and meats. Try one of the fresh fruit juices.


Don't let the name scare you, Coucou Crazy is the “brainchild of a crazy Belgian that went to seek out his happiness in Panama”. This place serves the best coffee in Pedasi sourced locally and internationally. It also offers breads and Belgian pastries, waffles and cookies. CouCou Crazy also brews its own beers and has a popular Monday sunset session, as well as yoga classes and farm animals.


Coleos Cafe is located in the main street of Playa Venao. It is a small and cozy place with outdoor tables surrounded by palm trees which are lit up by strings of light bulbs at night. Menu is a mix of Mediterranean with Arab or Israeli and some Thai, Indian and vegetarian options. Prices are affordable.


La Quincha is probably the most elegant and chic restaurant in Playa Venao. It has outdoor tables under a rooftop with a tropical vibe. This restaurant in Playa Venao offers high end Panamanian cuisine including many fish, seafood options and grilled meats.


Wao Venao is a beach front plaza in Playa Venao. This container set up has plenty to offer guests including a surf school in Playa Venao, tacos, sushi, pasta, cocktails, coffee shop and ice cream. Wao Venao is pet friendly.


Eco Venao is on both sides of the road of that goes through Playa Venao. On the beach side they have La Barca which is a social bar and restaurant that serves a few food options, cocktails and drinks. Café de Acá is on the mountain side by the road. This cute coffee shop serves coffee, as well as natural juices, smoothies, sweets and sandwiches. Los Naufragos is the main restaurant in the jungle area that serves food done with locally sourced ingredients.


La Palma Venao is located within Selina Playa Venao. This beach front restaurant is managed by the Maito group who won the award for #6 best restaurant in Latin America in 2022. It has a Mexican and international menu with options such as burgers, burritos, tacos, fish and more. This is a good place to listen to music and have a cocktail.