Pedasi Kite Festival is Back!

Pedasi now has its own annual Kite Festival called “The Sky is the Limit”! The fourth version of the Pedasi Kite Festival will be held on Sunday, February 12 from 10:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the old airport of Pedasi going towards Playa Arenal where the boats leave for Iguana Island. This area is quite open with nobody nearby so there is no risk. This version of the festival will also include sales of crafts. As well as an airplane control remote show.

A group of friends got together to come up with the idea of the Pedasi Kite Festival. Organizer Ruben Cordoba, owner of Asados Pedasi, said that they were looking for family friendly options that would be beneficial for children. So they decided to set up the craft kite festival. The first festival was held in 2019, then the second in 2020. Covid pandemic did not allow festivals in 2021. The organizing committee wanted to rescue traditions that they had done during their childhood like flying a kite which are not as popular nowadays.

When looking for information they found out that there were other institutions in Panama that were involved in this. They contacted the Panamanian Association of Kite Aficionados (APAAC in Spanish) to learn how to set up the workshops and festival. APAC was thrilled to help set up the first version of the Pedasi Kite Festival.

The workshops are to teach children how to build their own kites. In the actual festival they are flown while their family members come to watch and support. Government institutions including the Municipality, Police force, Sinaproc and other non profit groups come to participate and help in the activity. Since this is a family oriented activity there is no consumption of alcohol or tobacco. There will be some food stands including a hot dog cart, snow cones, popsicles and other beverages. Visitors can also bring food and do picnics.

Pedasi Kite Festival wants to take it to the next level in the future by becoming a competitive event. This would turn it into a national and international event.

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