AFAR Magazine Picks Cambutal as one of the Best Places to Travel in 2023!

With so many destinations to visit all over the world, how do you know which one to pick? Magazines always love doing their list of places to visit and AFAR magazine is no exception. Their December edition launched their suggestions of places to visit in 2023 and it included Cambutal, Panama.

This article includes some well known destinations such as Bangkok, Thailand; Salvador, Brazil; Baltimore and the Great Lakes in the USA. Other options are alternatives to over touristy areas such as Graz in Austria, Transylvania in Romania, Brescia and Bergamo in Italy or Sharjah in UAE. Cambutal in Panama is probably the place in the list nobody has ever heard about.

Cambutal is literally at the end of the road. Once upon a time, nobody went there and that was only like 15 years ago. There was absolutely no type of infrastructure. Cambutal is 228 miles or 366 kilometers from Panama City. Only surfers ventured there in search of great waves that were uncrowded. Waves are still uncrowded, but now you will see a few tourists and people who have moved there.

Cambutal is about an hour and a half from Finca Las Libelulas. It is a great day trip to take. Or you can stay with us for a few days and then book a hotel in Cambutal. Some of the options we recommend include:

The beach in Cambutal has black volcanic sand with great waves for surfing in Panama. It is a great destination for adventurous tourists as well as eco friendly. The area has natural pools, waterfalls, rivers, canyons and jungle. There is a tour operator in the area that we work with that offers the following tours:

In 2022 they started doing multiple day trips to Cerro Hoya National Park. This park may very well be Panama‚Äôs least explored national park. It is quite big with over 80,000 acres (32374 hectares) but there is no proper road into the park which makes it very hard to reach. 4×4 vehicles can enter in the summer. Otherwise the access is by horse or boat.

This place is perfect for nature lovers since it has species that cannot be found elsewhere such as the Azuero spider monkey and the great green macaw which are boat endangered. Sleep in tents while you hike in a cloud forest over 4,200 feet above sea level or in secluded ocean front cabins. Azuero Adventures hires local guides and captains as they believe in helping the local community.

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